Pay for it your way with deyaPay TM in Bodaty apps and webapps

Create your deyaPay account now to handle payments in an easier and more integrated manner for Bodaty apps and webapps. deyaPay has a simple user interface, hassle-free transactions, and built-in integration with other Bodaty products.

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Create Account
It's easy to create your account

Just enter your phone number to create your account. With deyaPay's simple user interface, it's easy to pay for purchases on Samyata and other Bodaty apps. Start handling money the way you want to in Bodaty apps, hassle-free.

Processing Payments
An easy way to process your payments

Pay for it any way you want or split the cost with friends using deyaPay. Use Cash, Credit Card/Debit Card, ACH, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Share your Expenses
Share your Samyata purchase expenses with your friends

Buy what you want through Samyata and split the cost with others.


Multiple payment methods



Enter in your card details or use Apple Pay or Google Pay

Share your Expenses

Share Samyata Expenses

Roommates Jack, Jane, and John buy a couch on Samyata together. Jack, Jane, John split the cost of the couch using deyaPay in Samyata.

Share your Expenses


We collect the bank details and process your payment in a secure manner.

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